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Look familiar? I was surfing the web and discovered Clockwork Couture, A Fine Steampunk Clothier, and their photoshoot for the Victorian 2 piece Traveling Suit ($320) was used for the cover of Soulless by Gail Carriger: "A high Chinese colar and cuffs adorned with black lace, along with small matching fabric-covered buttons, accent the long-sleeved bodice of our 2 piece, khaki satin lined, taffeta suit which is completed by the full-length skirt with attached bustle and train."

You can see more details of the umbrella in the original picture, but I love the color of the suit on the book cover, plus the darkening of the model's skin because the main character, Alexia Tarabotti is supposed to have an Italian complexion. I also love the London background that Orbit books added. I reviewed Soulless over here: vox | wordpress | LJ

Anyway: cool. :)


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