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On Vox: Gabriel's Ghost by Linnea Sinclair - part 2!

So after feeling alll unfulfilled and going on and on about how Gabriel's Ghost feels like it needs another book, I looked at the author's website to find - THERE IS A SEQUEL! Yes! The book is called Shades of Dark (apparently it was renamed from "Chasidah's Choice") and is coming out in July 2008. I feel all better now and take back what I said about book 1 being unfinished. Maybe I should look this stuff up huh. But seriously the book did not say there is a sequel! What would I do without the internet?

P.S. I was on Linnea Sinclair's website because.. I think her writing is like crack. Fun space opera crack.

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Tags: linnea sinclair, romance, science fiction, series, space opera

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