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What I’m up to

I'm around, really I am, but this blog is on semi-hiatus as you can tell by the non-updates. :\
I make no more promises on when I'll be posting again (I feel pretty challenged and rewarded by my work, and that's really great except for that pesky work-life balance). HOWEVER, I did join a group speculative fiction blog on a part-time basis. Check it out:

This is a fanzine formed by a fellow blogger I have "known" and been online friends with for years (you may know her as calico-reaction on livejournal). She's brought together a great group of fellow bloggers and writers and fans of speculative fiction and we all contribute to talk about all things in the "Speculative" arena, like movies, TV, games, and books. It's a lot of fun.

I'm mostly contributing to the "My Favorite Things" posts every few weeks, where I talk about some new-to-me Science Fiction or Fantasy related thing that I'm currently loving, but also wrote the first review I've written in a really long while (I reviewed Anne Leckie's Ancillary Mercy as part of our series on Hugo Award nominees). You can see my posts here.

Hope you take a look and like what we're doing over there!
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